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Teaching our Children

How does we craft the future of learning?

How do we integrate A.I., Robotics, and other technologies to empower our children and give agency to  educators?  How will we develop skills in the context of core concepts and a changing world?


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Designing for creativity

How does human creativity activate?

What does the future hold for learners gifted in the Arts? What are the new interfaces and media for human expression? How can we unleash human creativity to enable good design?

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Man vs. Machine in the workplace

How do human careers evolve?

Can you imagine the jobs of 2030? What are the new ways universities and education institutes interact with the job market? How do we prepare young people for the world and beyond?

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Accelerating inclusion for all

reaching human Fulfillment

investing in new ideas

How do we prevent societies from being left behind?

Can we effectively direct A.I. to reduce education inequality between students and school systems? How should we invest in displaced workforces?

How does our investment in learning transform?

What are the new business models, organizations and networks to support? What paradigm shifts need to happen to ensure we are effectively leading as businesses?

How do we utilize platforms for personal growth?

What is human self actualization in a world of A.I.? What should humans do that machines can't? How do we become life-long learners to find our purpose?

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Turn Your Classroom into a Dynamic Learning Lab


True cloud expertise starts with hands-on learning.  Learn how to give your students access to the computing power they needed able to experiment and innovate, proudly sponsored by AWS Educate..


Deep learning fundamentals

Learn how to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) and accelerated computing applications with hands-on training through A NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) workshop--perfect for educators new to neural nets.

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Meet and interact with the 2018 cohort of the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education Accelerator), innovative education technology initiatives with high potential for scalability and positive impact.  Learn how you can be involved in making a decisive difference in the world's most challenging educational issues.