Curiosity Conference is the beginning of building a community of organizations and individuals who deeply care about the direction of development in A.I. & Education. We want to collectively hear the voices of those who are:

Working on making A.I. more accessible

Solving engineering problems

Bringing more value to consumers

Improving the lives of learners through technology

The curiosity team wants to convene shapers and ethical leaders to be a part of the movement & to play an active role in the awards & research.



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Human Curiosity Award

At the 2019 Curiosity Conference, we will introduce the inaugural Human Curiosity Award, recognizing groups and individuals that shape the agenda for creative, empathetic and responsible innovations in Artificial Intelligence.  Our aim is to change the world's focus in creating technology--to drive the importance of human-centered values.  

This year marks the launch of our esteemed judging academy and nomination criteria. We invite you to join us at Curiosity to support & engage with the Award. 


Directory & research

The Curiosity Team will be presenting preliminary findings on research in A.I. & Education. This includes a director of organizations in A.I. & Education field. We will invite the community in attendance to be part of the process to work on this pioneering research and will announce opportunities at the 2019 conference.