i. Registration & Breakfast

Registration begins at 8am

ii. Panel & Speaking Schedule



09:00-09:45    Opening / Keynote SpeakerS

Keynote Speaker: Stavros Yiannouka

Keynote Speaker: Yao Zhang


09:55-10:55     teaching our children

Moderator: Alan Yang

Panel Speaker: Jessie Jiang, Mike Doty, Lakeisha Poole


11:15-12:00     Investing in new ideas

Moderator: Yao Zhang

Panel Speaker: Nathaniel Krasnoff , Steven Steinke , Helen Liang


12:00-12:45     Lunch + Creative exhibitors showcase



12:45-13:45    reaching Human fulfillment

Moderator: Melissa Lo

Panel Speaker: Amy Blankson, Alex Jaimes , Tsvi Achler


14:00-15:00     Designing for Creativity

Moderator: Kenny Chen

Panel Speaker: Osman Koc, Jill Ogle, Ajay Kapur, Satheesh Subramanian


15:15-16:30      Man v.s Machine in the workplace

Moderator: Keren Wong

Panel Speaker: Anthony Baird , Borna Scognamiglio, Chibeza Agley


16:40-17:40     Inclusion for all & close keynote

Moderator: Elyas Felfoul

Panel Speaker: Michelle Ching, Srinivas Margasahayam, Laura Montoya






09:55-10:55    accel a.i. ethics of a.i. "a.i. & ethics workshop"

11:00-12:00   AWS Workshop: a.i. for education



14:00-15:30    NVIDIA: Demystifying A.I. for Education

12:45-13:45     invitation only: start up & vc